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Studio63 Wedding Photography

Studio63 Wedding Photography - Nigel Borrington

Yesterday I received the following email.

“Message: hi, just wondering if u could give me prices on the wedding packages u have. id really appreciate it thanks”

Can I just make a quick point!

From the 10th of October 2011, I no longer post my prices on the web site, the reason for this is that I feel it takes away my chance to talk to prospective customers about their own details i.e.

. Date of the wedding
. The venue’s they have already booked for the wedding.
. Type of package selected from the details I give on the Studio63 web site.
. Length of time and locations, during the day you would like to have my services for.
. Size of the wedding party you expect ( This can relate to number of shots needed for the finished media )

Without wishing to wag a finger at anyone, these are just the basic details that I need to even start to work on the best price that I can offer to a customer.

Two years ago posting an average price worked, but I would now like to work on the best price per wedding.

Kind regards


PS for contact details please see : Studio63